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Development path

  development path

  year 2010

  The company's initial planning and establishment of the Deang brand

  year 2011

  The company introduces relevant enterprise management systems and completes related facilities.

  Deang products have successfully entered related manufacturing industries such as lockers and cash drawers.


  The company's business has entered related industries such as access control, turn-turns, home appliances, and electric toys.

  year 2013

  Deang market expands to increase regional site services.

  In the same year, Deang products entered the automotive industry on a trial basis. In the second half of the year, the company expanded and relocated to No. 17 East Caihong Road, Shijie Town.

  Year 2014

  Established Deang Electronics Branch and added 3% ordinary VAT invoice function.

  The company officially provides all kinds of matching headlight products for auto headlight manufacturers. In total, it provides about tens of thousands of Hella 3 series and develops 5 new headlight products.

  2015 year

  The company introduced two pipeline operations and added several precision test equipment.

  The company and French customers, German customers and Hong Kong customers have reached cooperation matters and related products. The cumulative export products this year reached 100,000.

  2016 year

  The company reached cooperation matters for related state-owned enterprises in Beijing and Hebei; and tailor-made the relevant rotary motor capacity for it reached 8,000 units, making it the most similar product of the same year.

  The company has gained market recognition in the area of ??shared equipment

  2017 year

  Company changed its name to Dongguan Deang Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd.

  A total of 600,000 shipments of equipment-related industries have been shipped.

  2018 year

  Entered the industry of smart furniture, smart lockers, and electronic pressure cookers (electric rice cookers). Provided a total of one million related products.


  In the first half of the year, various types of testing instruments were added and products related to intelligent robots were launched.


  The plan focuses on the development of electromagnets and solenoid valves for high-end precision machinery and equipment.

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