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19 2019-11

Three Growths in Life-How Much Have You Grew


Throughout my life, I have experienced many ups and downs since childhood, and many things have allowed us to continuously learn and summarize, so that we become more mature and stable.

19 2019-11

315- Deang electromagnet manufacturers reminded the trap of buying mobile phone gift


Buy a mobile phone to send phone bills, a street mobile phone store is a promotion, and promises to send high-value words. Every day, I use a big speaker to play it in a loop. Many, many friends know it.

19 2019-11

An Analysis of No Life Deang for You


Scan code payment, UnionPay, online payment and other methods have become more and more popular in recent years. Sometimes when talking with friends, I ask if you don't bring a penny in your pocket, can you dare to go out? Say "Dare".

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