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19 2019-11

315- Deang electromagnet manufacturers reminded the trap of buying mobile phone gift


Buy a mobile phone to send phone bills, a street mobile phone store is a promotion, and promises to send high-value words. Every day, I use a big speaker to play it in a loop. Many, many friends know it.

19 2019-11

An Analysis of No Life Deang for You


Scan code payment, UnionPay, online payment and other methods have become more and more popular in recent years. Sometimes when talking with friends, I ask if you don't bring a penny in your pocket, can you dare to go out? Say "Dare".

19 2019-11

Thad incident makes us more and more rational


From the Diaoyu Island incident to the current "Sade" storm, the official protest was issued for the first time. As citizens, many people have consciously participated in patriotic actions.

15 2019-11

A sense of crisis-the middle-aged crisis makes us worth pondering


In the recent past, I believe that everyone has seen reports of Huawei's layoffs. First of all, we don't care about the truth of the matter, but this book puts forward some personal views.

19 2019-12

What is the difference between a push-pull electromagnet and a holding electromagnet?


Electromagnets play an important role in many fields. In order to better meet the applications in different fields, there are also many different types of electromagnets .

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