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Corporate philosophy and spirit

  Deang philosophy

  To "fine" to the original, "sincere" to win the trust. We condensed the charm of Deang into a concept of "sincere co-casting". For customers: the core value of dedication and the source of trust with sincerity For employees: Advocate self-requirement for excellence, with enthusiasm and sincerity as the basis for outstanding performance.

  Deang Spirit

  Struggle, practicality, enthusiasm, perfection

  Struggle is the driving force for growth. Deang unites the enthusiasm of each employee, strives hard, and develops new glory in the cause. Steadfastness is the pace of development, rigorous self-discipline, abstinence and arrogance, and strive to achieve steady progress without moisture in every progress. Enthusiasm is a dedication attitude. Treating every job and every customer, condensing a enthusiastic and sincere attitude, and repaying with sweat. Perfection is the goal and the result. It is the realm pursued by the company and the employees, which makes the results of the effort a success.

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