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  To "fine" to the original, "sincere" to win the trust. We condensed the charm of Deang into a concept of "sincere co-casting". For customers: the core value of dedication and the source of trust with sincerity

  I: Product Commitment

  1: Our products are manufactured and processed by our company. The supplies are brand new and unused products.

  2: Within seven days of product sales, if we fail to meet the design parameters promised by our company, we can return and exchange without reason, but due to customer reasons, we accept the return and exchange, but the freight is borne by the returnee.

  3: Within three months of product sales, the customer raised doubts, which were identified by our after-sales engineers as quality problems, and can be returned and exchanged, and the freight shall be borne by us.

  4: Please refer to our Warranty Policy for the warranty of electromagnet products.

  Two: Service Commitment

  1: For customer after-sales consultation, we will answer within 2 hours during working hours.

  2: In response to customer product complaints, our technical staff will analyze the cause and receive a reply within two days.

  3: Technical support is required. After communication, our company arranges technical staff to provide on-site service.

  Three: About the delivery date

  3.1. Delivery time: From the receipt to the order, Dongguan Deang Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. will arrange the production as soon as possible. The company promises that the rapid delivery is 1 working day (with complete materials) and the normal sample delivery time is 7 Within one job, the product delivery time is within 15 jobs.

  3.2. Due to the following circumstances, the corresponding time will be delayed accordingly.

  3.2.1 Reasons for unclear electromagnet parameters and performance due to unclear communication

  3.2.2 Due to temporary changes, adjustments, etc. during the process of seeding

  3.2.3 Reasons for changes in circumstances such as bad materials, rest days, blackouts, etc.

  3.2.4 Causes of Force Majeure

  Four: shipping method

  4.1 At present, Deang Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. has various methods such as express delivery, logistics, delivery, and self-lifting. You can choose the relevant shipping method according to actual needs. Before shipping, Deang will negotiate with you, and will inform you the relevant shipping information as soon as possible after shipping.

  4.2 Large shipments Our company defaults to logistics shipments. If customers need special handling for transportation, such as changing express delivery or other methods such as air transportation, they need to coordinate with our company, and customers need to pay the freight difference between the two regions.

  4.3 Our company shall bear the economic losses caused by the cargo damage, loss, etc. of the electromagnet-related products produced by our company on the way; customers need to carry out the product, model, quantity and other related information as soon as they receive the goods confirm. If the relevant information does not meet, communicate with our company as soon as possible. We will contact the relevant delivery party for confirmation. If we do not confirm the related losses caused by the receipt, our company will not bear the relevant responsibilities, but we will follow up and try our best to provide relevant services to customers

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