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Are DC electromagnets the same as AC electromagnets?


  DC electromagnets are not the same as AC electromagnets. Strictly speaking, the addition of a rectifier to the AC electromagnet can be used as a DC electromagnet, but there are essentially different differences between the two. The division of main workers can be explained from the following points.

  1: strength

  The direct current electromagnet and the alternating current electromagnet have different current modes, and the strength of the electromagnet depends on the coil to determine the size, which causes the amount of force generated by the coil to be different from the calculation of the current mode. In a coil with the same strength, the number of turns and winding methods of a DC electromagnet and an AC electromagnet are different.

  2: Structural Design

  Both the DC electromagnet and the AC electromagnet are designed according to different structures. The most common one is that the AC electromagnet generally has a magnetic separation ring, and the DC electromagnet does not need it.

  Three: action effect

  Because the DC electromagnet is in a DC circuit, the role of the power supply is to provide a constant electromotive force that does not change with time, and to supplement the energy of the Joule heat consumed on the resistance.

  Therefore, the electromagnet pulls in smoothly and stays in place in the end once; while the AC electromagnet has a characteristic that changes with time, so it has a series of characteristics different from the DC circuit. That is, Hertz (Hz) refers to the number of periodic changes per unit time. The electromagnet will produce eddy current phenomenon after sucking to the end, which will cause high frequency operation.

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