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Simple behavior-achievement you and me


  In fact, sharing this article is also based on the details found in daily life, so as to provide helpful friends for reference.

  In the interpersonal communication network, the dinner is an inevitable thing. In the dinner, some people like to order, and some people don't. If you personally return the initiative to the other party, this is also learned.

  Here I would like to remind everyone: I do not know the consultation = just for your own use.

  Although everyone doesn't like to take responsibility, they all like to have a little control over things, and they are glad to be the last one.

  Therefore, in the order of staple food and drinks, you can give this initiative to the other party and ask: "What staple food do you want? What drinks and drinks do you want?" (Note what this sentence is for, not whether you want it) If the other party does not want it, they will answer "don't have to" or "eat vegetables and drink tea." If you have an idea in your heart, you will also ask.

  In the end, you can leave a flexible space for one or two dishes and ask, "Would you like to see it again?" Even if the other party answers no, it is better to ask than not to ask.

  Yes, there is no reason for ordering, there are no specifications. Whether it is a royal seafood restaurant or a small fly restaurant on the doorstep of the unit, this is the model.

  This is not a black-handed study, because in the end you will find that a simple act of yourself can make people at a table eat deliciously and have a good chat, which is a very fulfilling thing.

  So sometimes, the simple behavior-the achievement of you and me, is the same between companies. Dealing with details, respecting customers, and meeting customer needs will eventually be recognized by customers. Deang electromagnet manufacturers are constantly working hard!

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