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315- Deang electromagnet manufacturers reminded the trap of buying mobile phone gift


  Buy a mobile phone to send phone bills, a street mobile phone store is a promotion, and promises to send high-value words. Every day, I use a big speaker to play it in a loop. Many, many friends know it.

  Just need a few hundred dollars or participate in the "trade-in" event. You only need to pay a little to get a new brand-name mobile phone, which will actually cost hundreds of dollars more. You heart it?

  3.15-International Consumers' Rights Day, Deang Electromagnet manufacturers provide friends. Behind the gift of phone charges may bring you some losses. In many cases, such charges will not be directly deposited into your mobile phone account, but become Call charges for third-party Internet telephony platforms. In other words, after you pay, these charges are network charges and cannot be used directly.

  Many times, many friends will be misled by the operator, thinking that the so-called call charge is the call charge provided by the general operator, and buying related mobile phones cheaply. We should know beforehand what the call charge is, and whether it is immediately received. Whether you can deduct the monthly rent, etc., so as to protect your rights and interests.

  In addition, Deang Electromagnet reminds friends that some mobile phone installments are also a common fraud method used by some merchants. Mobile phones with hundreds of dollars have been sold for thousands of dollars or even higher because of installments.

  When paying in installments, we need to know which company borrowed the loan from the first, and the interest rate and other fees of the loan. Even without our knowledge, we did n’t know we were buying in high installments. Mobile phone. If the operator requires an identity card or bank card, or even sign a related agreement, it is necessary to raise the relevant vigilance and prevent the operator from using relevant means to guide consumers to purchase mobile phones at high costs through installments.

  3.15-International Consumer Rights Day Let us protect our rights together!

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