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What is the difference between a push-pull electromagnet and a holding electromagnet?


Electromagnets play an important role in many fields. In order to better meet the applications in different fields, there are also many different types of electromagnets . Push-pull electromagnets and holding electromagnets are more common. Then push-pull electromagnets and holding electromagnets. What's the difference?


Different electromagnets have different working methods, and the working principles and functions of push-pull electromagnets and holding electromagnets are also different:

Push-pull electromagnet

The push-pull electromagnet uses a coil to generate the maximum magnetic force in the smallest space. The assembled coil is packaged in a metal iron tube. High-permeability steel is used to achieve the smallest size and weight to produce the greatest attraction. The design of the movable iron core uses an auxiliary magnetic circuit to increase the output power by 20% to 50%.


Bao electromagnets take advantage of permanent magnets, and their operating principles are similar to all linear electromagnets. When the coil is energized, the movable core will remain in the energized position after the power is turned off after the movable core is moved. The reason is because the permanent magnet creates a magnetic field to hold the movable iron core. After the power is turned on, the power can be cut off. The magnet is used to save power. Instantly use a large amount of electricity to generate a large amount of force, and the coil will not be burned due to the high temperature by maintaining the magnet for a long time.


There are two types of holding electromagnets: single holding electromagnets and bidirectional holding electromagnets. Single holding electromagnets only hold the iron core at one position at the end of the stroke. The bidirectional holding electromagnets adopt a double coil structure, which can hold the iron. The core is held in two different positions at the beginning and end of the stroke, and both positions have the same output power.


The above are the differences between push-pull electromagnets and holding electromagnets. They have their own application advantages in different fields, so they need to be selected accordingly according to the needs. Dongguan Deang is a large domestic manufacturer of electromagnets. Through innovative research and development, it continuously provides high-quality push-pull electromagnets and maintain electromagnet products to the market!

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